Adapt_Segmenter Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Adapt_Segmenter (FeaturePool *fp, int sID_train, int sID_decode, char *name, int sysID)
 ~Adapt_Segmenter ()
void createFixedModels (int nrSpkrs, int fixedSeg)

Protected Member Functions

void startMergeIteration ()
double getMergeModelScore (int model1, int model2, int method)
bool proceedMerge (int model1, int model2, int method)
void mergeModels (int model1, int model2)
double getMatrixScore (int a, int model1, int model2, int data1, int data2, int seg)
double trainModel (int model, int nrG)
void adaptModel (TrainPhoneModel *model)

Protected Attributes

int winnerM1
int winnerM2
double mergeWinThreshold
TrainPhoneModel ** compareModels
int nrCompareModels
int ubm_word_amount
int fixedSpeakers
int systemID
int segAmount
double maxDistance
double * pTable1
double * pTable2
int pTlen
char label [100]
int * modelMapping
int segInitID
TrainPhoneModel ** masterAdapt
TrainPhoneModel ** adaptedModel
TrainPhoneModel ** mergeTestMod
int * helpID

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Adapt_Segmenter::Adapt_Segmenter ( FeaturePool fp,
int  sID_train,
int  sID_decode,
char *  name,
int  sysID 

Adapt_Segmenter::~Adapt_Segmenter (  ) 

Clean up..

Member Function Documentation

void Adapt_Segmenter::createFixedModels ( int  nrSpkrs,
int  fixedSeg 

double Adapt_Segmenter::getMatrixScore ( int  a,
int  model1,
int  model2,
int  data1,
int  data2,
int  seg 
) [protected]

double Adapt_Segmenter::getMergeModelScore ( int  model1,
int  model2,
int  useMethod 
) [protected]

Merges two single models and determine the score

void Adapt_Segmenter::mergeModels ( int  model1,
int  model2 
) [protected, virtual]

Merges two single models (over loaded by Adapt_Segmenter)

Reimplemented from Train_Segmenter.

bool Adapt_Segmenter::proceedMerge ( int  model1,
int  model2,
int  method 
) [protected, virtual]

void Adapt_Segmenter::startMergeIteration (  )  [protected, virtual]


Reimplemented from Train_Segmenter.

double Adapt_Segmenter::trainModel ( int  model,
int  nrG 
) [protected]

Member Data Documentation

int* Adapt_Segmenter::helpID [protected]

char Adapt_Segmenter::label[100] [protected]

Reimplemented from Train_Segmenter.

double Adapt_Segmenter::maxDistance [protected]

double* Adapt_Segmenter::pTable1 [protected]

double* Adapt_Segmenter::pTable2 [protected]

int Adapt_Segmenter::pTlen [protected]

int Adapt_Segmenter::segAmount [protected]

int Adapt_Segmenter::segInitID [protected]

int Adapt_Segmenter::systemID [protected]

int Adapt_Segmenter::winnerM1 [protected]

Referenced by proceedMerge().

int Adapt_Segmenter::winnerM2 [protected]

Referenced by proceedMerge().