ArticulatoryStream Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ArticulatoryStream (char *fileName)
 ~ArticulatoryStream ()
void processVector (Vector *v)
void setPool (FeaturePool *p, PhoneModel **pM)
void testStream (int phoneID, int firstFrame, int lastFrame, DecoderSettings *settings, int contextKey)
void testPrint (FILE *outputFile)
void testPrint2 (FILE *outputFile)

Public Attributes

double * probs

Protected Attributes

PhoneModel ** modelsYes
PhoneModel ** modelsNo
int vectorSize
int numberOfModels
int numberOfPhoneModels
int * decisionMatrix
double * testRT
double * testRF
int confusion [40][40]
int testRulesTT [36][40]
int testRulesFT [36][40]
int testRulesTF [36][40]
int testRulesFF [36][40]
double * testYes
double * testNo
double * testYesTot
double * testNoTot
int * testOK
int * testFP
int * testMISS
int * testAllOK
int * testAllFP
int * testAllMISS
PhoneModel ** phoneModels

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ArticulatoryStream::~ArticulatoryStream (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void ArticulatoryStream::processVector ( Vector v  ) 

void ArticulatoryStream::testPrint ( FILE *  outputFile  ) 

void ArticulatoryStream::testPrint2 ( FILE *  outputFile  ) 

Member Data Documentation

int ArticulatoryStream::artModelNumber[MAX_NUMBER_OF_DECISION_RULES] [protected]

Referenced by setPool(), and testStream().

int ArticulatoryStream::testRulesFF[36][40] [protected]

int ArticulatoryStream::testRulesFT[36][40] [protected]

int ArticulatoryStream::testRulesTF[36][40] [protected]

int ArticulatoryStream::testRulesTT[36][40] [protected]

Referenced by ArticulatoryStream().

Referenced by setPool(), and testStream().