ShoutSegment Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ShoutSegment (char *featureFile, FILE *amFile, char *rttmOut, char *label, char *UEM, bool widenSegments, char *ctsInName, char *ctsOutName, bool energyBased)
 ~ShoutSegment ()

Protected Member Functions

void trainModel (TrainPhoneModel *model, int nr, bool waitForMe)
void doSAD_noGarbage (FeaturePool *featurePool, int segID, int silID, int speechID, int chunks)

Protected Attributes

int uemID

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ShoutSegment::~ShoutSegment (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

void ShoutSegment::doSAD_noGarbage ( FeaturePool featurePool,
int  segID,
int  silID,
int  speechID,
int  chunks 
) [protected]

void ShoutSegment::trainModel ( TrainPhoneModel model,
int  nr,
bool  waitForMe 
) [protected]

Member Data Documentation

int ShoutSegment::uemID [protected]

Referenced by doSAD_noGarbage(), and ShoutSegment().