StringFunctions Namespace Reference


void RightTrim (char *str)
void splitList (char *str, char *str2)
void splitRef (char *str, char *str2)

Detailed Description

Some methods that operate on strings

Function Documentation

void StringFunctions::RightTrim ( char *  str  ) 

This global function strips all spaces and tabs at the end of a string.

Referenced by ShoutConfig::fillParameter(), and Shout_lm2bin::Shout_lm2bin().

void StringFunctions::splitList ( char *  str,
char *  str2 

This function splits the first string in two parts at the place of the first space or tab character from the left. The second part is placed in str2, the first in str.

Referenced by FeatureExtraction::doFeatureExtraction(), FeaturePool::fillBuffer_TextFormat(), ShoutConfig::fillParameter(), FeaturePool::readHeader_TextFormat(), FeaturePool::readRTTM(), Shout_lm2bin::Shout_lm2bin(), and Whisper::Whisper().

void StringFunctions::splitRef ( char *  str,
char *  str2 

This function removes the label from the reference string. The label is stored in str2.